Will my builder clean my new home?

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The short answer, Yes.

Your builder will need to clean up after their trades in some way shape or form. Depending on the type of project, the type of builder and your building contract will determine the standard of builders clean undertaken.


What happens if I don’t ask for a builders clean?

Builders are business people and ultimately want to make some profit to better their company and share with their family. A simple way to increase their profit is by doing the bare minimum, in this case it’s cleaning. If you don’t make it know that you want the project presented perfectly by a reputable builders cleaner you run the risk of having to get your own cleaner in after handover. Any good builder will take pride in their work and will want to present their project for you in the best possible condition.


What are the additional costs?

If for some reason your builder won’t provide you with the builders clean you need you will have to find your own cleaner. This may cost you hundred or thousands of dollars depending on your project size. Not only will it cost you money but also delays the move in time, meaning you have to wait even longer to enjoy your new home. It is not unreasonable to request a high quality builders clean.




So, what do I need to ask my builder?

There are a number of different types of builders clean options to choose from. It is best to read the article What is a Builder Clean to understand the different types of clean and the correct terminologies. From here you can approach your builder to ensure they are going to prepare your project the way you want by using a reputable builders cleaner. It is important to remember that there is a big difference between cleaning up concrete, silicone and building mess over maintaining your home. This is why your builder must seek a reputable builders cleaning company, not just the cheapest cleaner on gumtree.




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