Everything you need to know about tile and grout restoration

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Can my tiles and grout be restored?

Nine times out of 10 the answer is YES!

Replacing tiles and grout in any space can be incredibly invasive, costs an arm and a leg and causes a lot of mess throughout your entire home.

At Carpet Clean Adelaide, we have refined our rejuvenation and restoration processes to ensure we are minimally invasive, quick and effective.

The most common things we see are mould and grime build-up in bathrooms, and grout lines in the kitchen that don’t look the same as they once did. Look behind the fridge if you want to see what your grout should look like!


How long does the process take?

In most cases, we are able to complete a full tile and grout restoration in two to six hours.

This will depend on the size and severity, but unless you live in a castle you can count on it being completed in a single working day!


What is involved in a tile and grout restoration?

Our process involves applying a solution specific to the area, agitation and activation of the solution, and a combination of hot water and high pressure extraction from the surface. We then complete the area with a final mop to ensure all solution and water are picked up and the floors are ready to walk on again.

The choice for end of lease carpet cleaning has never been easier! Compliment your house and spoil your new home owners by keeping your carpet looking bright and fresh.

Check out our pricing packages online today, or call our team on 0418 441 596.



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