Pressure Cleaning Services

Sometimes, external cleaning needs an added oomph. Pressure cleaning is the perfect way to achieve an especially thorough clean on stubborn marks and stains:
  • Professional cleaning ensures every surface is spotless
  • Chemical free cleaning to ensure the health of your garden.
  • Removing slippery build up provides a safe area for your family
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of your home
Layers of dirt and dust can build up and diminish the appearance of your home. After our team of professionals have pressure cleaned the area, all external areas will look as good as new.
You can feel confident that when you get home you can walk through without any nasty surprises. 

What We Clean

Our professional cleaning ensures every surface is spotless.

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We’ll Take All The Pressure Out Of Your Clean

Our team of experts will pressure clean the external areas, making them shiny and new without the stress.

Why Do You Need It?

When it comes to cleaning the external aspects of a home, sometimes a little extra force is necessary to remove stubborn marks and stains. Pressure cleaning returns outdoor floor spaces to their original state after years of neglect. This format of cleaning also has the ability to restore external walls, giving an almost brand new finish.

Pressure cleaners remove excess layers of dirt and dust from in between tiles and pavers, and cleans out all hard surfaces.

When should you use us?

This service is suitable to be used at any point during the year, with change of seasons being the most common. Pressure cleaning is also perfect way to end a lease, when hard to remove marks and stains are left on external areas of the property.

What do we clean?

Pressure cleaning provides us with a lot of flexibility when cleaning outdoors — we are able to cover windows, pavers, walls, driveways and anything else that has noticeable marking.


A lightning fast and hassle-free process, from start to finish.

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