More than just Carpet Cleaning

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While we are here, why not do more?

There’s plenty of things we can do around the home that are not just carpet cleaning. Our team are skilled and high pressure and low pressure cleaning, tile & grout restoration and window cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning

We can alter our pressures from high through low depending on the surface and cleaning required. This means we can quickly jump from your front fence, to letter box to driveway and produce fantastic results.

We don’t always use chemicals and solutions but there are certainly times when they come in handy. Mould killing solutions are the most common but speak with your operator if you have children, pets or simply just don’t wish for them to be used. We understand everyone is different and are happy to accomodate.


Tile and Grout Restoration

Our tile and grout restoration and rejuvenation is suitable for both internal and external use. We often go from the bathroom to the laundry, then on to the porch and pool area. We typically apply a solution depending on the tile surface and type of build up. Agitate the solution and give it time to activate. Then extract with a combination of hot, high pressure water and water extraction. This process brings your tiles back to life without damaging the tile or grout and it is minimally invasive. Although our machine is quite loud, it’s parked on the road so you can still carry on about your day.



Window Cleaning

Your home maintenance would not be complete without having the windows cleaned. Although often thought of as an ‘easy’ process window cleaning is actually quite technical. That is why we train our technicians extensively to ensure they produce streak free results every time. We focus on cleaning the glass, frames and fly screens to ensure your windows are maintained properly, not cutting corners and making more work for the next visit.

If you’re looking for an all in one service to relieve you of the burden of home maintenance, Carpet Clean have you covered with reliable and effective services that completely restore that brand-new appeal! Call us on 0418 441 596 to schedule in a time for your carpet cleaning services today.

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