Infection Control Cleaning Services

Our team of professionals are qualified to prevent and clean infectious outbreaks such as the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 in accordance with the guidelines set by SA Health and Federal Government recommendations.
  • Reducing the spread & sanitising for outbreak scenarios
  • Cleaning methods fully comply with SA Healths guidelines
  • Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be used at all times
  • All contractors are infectious control certificate holders

Our team of contractors will disinfect your home, workspace or facility. We are equipped with high-quality cleaning products and meticulous methodology, so that business can begin as soon as possible after the treatment process is complete.


The objective is to provide the highest level of sanitation services to ensure any perceived risk is mitigated as quickly as possible in the workplace. Environments that must remain open for business will benefit from the peace of mind knowing their workspace is disinfected after each preventative treatment. The solution is to use an ultra low volume (ULV) fogger to spray disinfectant to all surfaces. Horizontal and high traffic surfaces are then wiped with hospital grade disinfectant.


The objective is to provide the highest level of sanitation services to ensure all viral outbreak risk is mitigated as quickly as possible. In the event of an outbreak seek the assistance of SA Health in conjunction with contacting us. The solution is to use an ultra low volume (ULV) fogger to spray disinfectant to all surfaces. Horizontal and high traffic surfaces are then wiped with disinfectant. The level of disinfection far exceeds preventative measures.

Chemicals in Use

Our hospital and commercial grade chemicals ensure we get the job done right.

Whittles Viraclean
AGAR Chloradet
AGAR Tango

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We take the stress out of sanitation by simplifying the process.

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When can we return home after a treatment?

After the treatment process, your cleaned home will need to be left for at least 6 hours, after which you can return to everyday life. However, SA Health will closely investigate, monitor, and assess the situation and advice will be given as to the the exact circumstances.

How long does a treatment take?

A treatment can take anywhere from 2 hours to a full day with multiple cleaners working at once. It depends on the size of the contamination zone and the severity of the scenario. For example a Preventative Treatment of a 100m2 office will take around 2 hours however an Outbreak Treatment of the same sized area may take twice as long.

Do You Carry All The Necessary Equipment to Do the Work?

We carry the right equipment so we don’t have to leave the contamination zone until the treatment is complete. Our chemicals have been selected to provide the best disinfectant whilst remaining pleasantly fragranced to avoid any disruption to staff returning to work.

Can You Work on Weekends?

Yes, we can work 24/7. We can do Saturdays, Sundays, we can even start at midnight! We work any particular time or day to ensure you are back in your office, home or workshop as quickly as possible

What Can I Expect Working With You?

Upon our first call we will record the necessary details directly into our system. We will provide a formal quotation of the works so you can see exactly what is included and excluded and the associated pricing.

After reviewing the quote you can accept in on the spot and a notification will be delivered to us. We will then call to confirm a time/day and access information.

We will arrive with the correct equipment and unload in a safe, clean zone. We will set up out equipment and change into our PPE prior to entering the contamination zone.

Upon completion of the works you will be notified of when you can return to the cleaned area, formerly the contamination zone.

What about non-office areas such as shipping yards, transport facilities and manufacturing?

Many of facilities may have specific cleaning requirements for production areas, shipping and receiving areas, laboratories, and other non-office areas as dictated by quality systems, Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP), or other requirements.

Existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of cleaning of these areas should be provided in advance as these procedures, in many cases, include disinfection steps that will reduce the risk posed by viruses such as COVID-19 or other pathogens.

In the absence of specific guidance, general disinfection procedures will be implemented without compromising quality, particularly with respect to frequently touched surfaces.

What is your response time?

Due to the high demand for the infection control services under the current circumstances, site visits will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, general response time is within 6 hours and premises with confirmed COVID-19 case will come as a priority over precautionary solutions.

Do you do any other Bio-Hazard services?

No, we are specifically set up to handle the Coronavirus COVID-19 and related virus outbreaks. We do not do crime scenes, trauma, drug lab or related cleaning services.

Our team acted quickly to train in infection control to ensure they we specialised in Coronavirus cleaning and continue the fight against the spread.