How to get the perfect finish on floating floors?

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Floating timber floors are the most common type of timber floor installed in Australia and are the easiest to keep clean. As there are many types of floating timber floor our recommendation is simply an idea and should be tested on a test area first before trying on your new floor.


The Basics

You want to get the floor to dry as quickly as possible. In order to do so you will need a microfibre mop, ringer bucket, clean water (preferably warm) and some methylated spirits. Simply fill the bucket half way with clean water and add a splash of metho to assist in the evaporation process. To apply simply ring out the mop as dry as possible so that it is only a damp mop of the floors. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Pro Tip: Add a couple drops of essential oil to add some delightful fragrance to your clean home.







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