How to Acid Wash Tiled Floors?

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Acid washing is the process of removing builders debris from hard surfaces to bring them back to a ‘like new’ condition. Acid washing can be done on any hard surfaces but precautions must always be made to ensure the right product is used on the right surface.


The Basics

A simple mop and bucket technique will be enough to get most small floors looking a much better. It is best to speak with a local cleaning supplies wholesaler to get advice on your floor surface and the best products to use. Once you have the right solution, mix with water to the recommended dilution rate and apply generously. Let the solution sit on the floor or agitate with a scrubbing brush or deck broom. Use clean water to pick up the left over solution and mop again with clean water. It is always advised to protect any raw metal or timber surfaces so they do not come into contact with the acidic solution.




Machine Scrubbing

For larger surfaces a machine scrubber may assist in the agitation process. Follow the same process above and use the recommended dilution rates. Many commercial floor surfaces will have a non-slip surface which adds to the difficulty. In many cases the mop will rip and tear on the non-slip surface and if this happens a floor squeegee is the next best tool to apply and remove the solution.






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